Goodbye Microsoft Dynamics AX7. Hello 2016 Microsoft Dynamics AX no version name at all: More details are emerging about Microsoft’s so called Dynamics AX7 release including new features and a new name.

“…The most exciting release that I’ve ever witnessed, and I’ve been in the AX business for fifteen years,” Peter Snaeland, To-Increase, a Dynamics Partner.

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(Editor’s note: This post was previously published July 15, 2015 and has been updated again for accuracy and thoroughness. The previous version has been renamed and moved here.)

What’s in a name?

In November, Microsoft announced that the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2016 release (formerly the Dynamics AX7 release) will simply be known as Microsoft Dynamics AX.  The name change is significant because this release, due early in 2016, will be architected specifically for the cloud. As a cloud based application, Dynamics AX will now be under continuous maintenance.  So, no version name necessary.

This marks the end of Microsoft Dynamics’ year/version branding era and it marks a huge step in the trend toward an all-cloud Microsoft that we’ve been witnessing in recent years. If you are interested in the cloud for Microsoft Dynamics AX but you’re not ready for an AX upgrade, you can move your current Dynamics AX  system to the cloud with your existing perpetual licenses.  Check out the Dynamics hosting licenses page to learn more.

“Our ambition to build the intelligent cloud comes to life with apps optimized for modern business, like Dynamics AX,” said Scott Guthrie, executive vice president, Microsoft Cloud and Enterprise. “When you combine the hyperscale, enterprise-grade and hybrid-cloud capabilities of Microsoft Azure with the real-time insights and intuitive user experience of Dynamics AX, organizations and individuals are empowered to transform their business operations.”

The Microsoft Dynamics AX new release will initially only be available in the cloud on Azure with on-premise versions to come later.  As Dynamics AX customers upgrade to the cloud, they will need to consider their compliance requirements before moving mission critical data to Azure cloud.  To asses if Azure is the appropriate choice for your business, see this Choose your Cloud Guide »

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